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  • the only danish company in new Facebook accelerator program with 60 global companies
  • FBE 2.0 is new of programme, includes newest features within applications and conversion API
  • Custimy to use knowledge and CDP to strengthen SMBs’ possibilities to advertise of Facebook platforms
  • Custimy has unique platform in regards to SMBs, a core aspect of Facebook’s business model

Copenhagen 20th September 2021

When Apple announced its iOS14.5 update and the following changes to privacy, it rippled through the marketing world. There was a sudden need to rethink how to be data-compliant, while still ensuring that you had access to the right customer data in order to improve your business. 

These changes hit some companies harder than others, and especially social media platforms and small- and medium-sized businesses were hit hard by the changes. The smaller businesses were challenged in new ways when it came to creating effective marketing on 3rd party platforms such as Facebook’s social media platforms. 

Facebook, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, has launched a program called FBE 2.0 to help solve these issues, both for themselves and for SMB customers, that use their platform to advertise their products.

Custimy is the only danish company admitted to the program. As part of a global program with a total of 60 companies from across the world, Custimy will be working with, testing, and exploring ways to develop Facebook’s current and future product mix within marketing. To allow them to adhere to the new guidelines set out by Apple. 

We get the technical opportunity to create a product that is competitive very far and with a direct entrance to Facebook, to be able to get the most out of the platform for our customers”

Says Martin Navne, CEO and co-founder of, when he is asked about the influence of the program on Custimy and their customers. 

Unique opportunity for Custimy and our customers 

Martin Navne is naturally incredibly proud to see Custimy admitted into such an exclusive group of companies in the accelerator program. He is excited at the prospect and explains:

“It is a unique opportunity for us, and our customers. We get insights and access to Facebook in a way many never had or will ever have. It gives us the opportunity to really improve the conditions for our e-commerce customers in their use of Facebook as a marketing-channel.”

The program is a longer one and will run for a total of 12 weeks. That means there is a strategic partnership between Custimy and Facebook, where Custimy will have access to fully native integrations into Facebook’s and Instagram’s applications. That means Custimy will have unique insights into Facebook’s universe and a deeper understanding of the whole marketing mix. Something Martin sees as a huge advantage for Custimy’s customers. 

“This program will change the way we work with Facebook for our e-commerce customers. They will have much more transparency into how Facebook performs, how it fits into their marketing mix, and how they can ensure the best possible ROAS.”

Martin follow up and explains that the partnership means that Custimy will be able to offer a unique platform, which will create more precise conversions and better interaction with customers on Facebook’s channels.

This new knowledge and deep understanding of Facebook is something that will create incredibly powerful results, especially for our e-commerce customers.”

Custimy to test and develop FBE 2.0 together with Facebook

With Custimy’s Customer Data Platform specifically designed for SMBs, the young danish start-up has something unique that Facebook starves to work with them on. 

With the CDP and the unique experience and knowledge within marketing technology for smaller companies, Custimy is in a unique position due to its abilities and insights, which makes it possible for Facebook to work more effectively with SMBs and their marketing and campaigns on the platform.

As a part of the program Facebook, together with Custimy, will develop a development loop, where technical sessions regarding the direction, development, and the whole vision for the program will be established. 

Furthermore, Custimy will gain access to applications and be a part of determining the direction for how future strategic partnerships between Facebook and their new applications will look. 

About Custimy

Custimy is a rapidly growing start-up with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Warsaw. Since we started in 2020, we have been set on a mission to change the distortion of competition between SMB’s and multinational enterprises through our accessible Customer Data Platform.

We believe that SMBs have been forgotten in the digitalized era and Custimy was started to give SMB’s the tools to compete against much bigger enterprises with the most accessible Customer Data Platform. Our CDP minimizes the complexity, maintenance need, and friction for SMB’s to access and utilize data to extract strategic insights about their customers, marketing, and products, allowing e-commerce professionals to deliver better and more precise customer experiences in the digital sphere.

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