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Segment, Personalize, Perform!

Personalization drives up to 80% better results! Experience the easiest and most powerful way to turn in-depth customer insights into personalized customer engagements.



Get an extra 21 hours a month to execute

Marketers spend too much time manually collecting, organizing, and
analyzing data. Custimy does that automatically. Use those free
21 hours to execute and increase performance.

Customer Data Platform

Personalized ads,
at scale

Exceed your revenue goals with better insights. Use personalized ads and increase your results with 80%.

Customer data



iOS 14.5 has made
e-commerce difficult mitigates iOS14.5 by giving you ownership of your own customer insights.

Use the high-quality data to beat the competition

The most accessible CDP for e-commerce​

We give you full access to all our features, whether you have less than 2€ mill or more than 14€ mill revenue.

CDP ecommerce

Integrate Custimy in 10 minutes

Enterprise level data platform available for you! It’s simple to use, just connect your account ID to integrate Custimy with your tools and experience the power of a CDP.

What can you do with a CDP?

Learn how Moodings used Custimy on Black Friday Week to achieve better results and 'give them the belief of data back again'

iOS 15 is here - get ready now!

iOS 15 affects everything we do as marketers, so it is crucial that we get the hang off it now!

Downloade our guide and prepare your marketing, data and business for 2022! 

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