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Let’s grow the E-commerce industry. Together.

Our partners are digital marketing agencies and software partners passionate around bringing value to E-commerce and B2C organisations. Lets start enabling the future together.

Get to know your customer like never before

Simon says: Why?

If you are passionate about E-commerce, marketing, products or technology, you’ve come to the right place. We build on those exact four corner stones because we want to deliver excellency to both our partners and customers. You in?

Do you want to help your customers performing better?

Use Custimy’s Customer Data Platform to enable marketing, product and customer insights in one place.

Find your most efficient marketing channels, best or worst performing products. Or most profitable variations, categories, and brands.

Discover revenue streams

Empower your Agency and your Customer together.

Easily identify efficiency and inefficient marketing, product recommendation and customer engagements.

Build solid strategies together with your customer based on data and start positioning the best products in front of the right customers at the right time.  

Measure profit, ROI and impact better!

With you will constantly improve. We were build on the foundation of test, learn and adapt. 

Begin monitoring your marketing, products and customer engagements more precisely and in real-time. 

What can you do with a CDP?

Learn how Moodings used Custimy on Black Friday Week to achieve better results and 'give them the belief of data back again'

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