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Giving SMBs the power to build a stronger and better business

Helping businesses understand their data, so they can make better marketing decisions – always!

Who are we? Well..

Custimy saw it’s first light of day in 2020, and has since then turned into a rapidly growing start-up with offices in both Copenhagen, Aarhus and Warsaw. And if you come visit us, you’ll be met by a bunch of funny and deeply talented people, who see the world a little differently.

But to be honest? We are so proud of that. Because we know that seeing the world differently than the rest, allows us to rethink status quo. And that is exactly what it takes, if we want to change the distortion of competition between SMBs and enterprises.

Our mission

On a mission to lessen the competitive gap between SMBs and enterprises, we have mixed extensive knowledge from the marketing and e-commerce world with artificial intelligence, cloud solution and a no-code approach, and created a Customer Data Platform that offers SMBs the same level of access to their data as the enterprises.

Working at Custimy

We want to make Custimy the greatest place to work! That’s why we prioritize having fun and hanging out, while we learn, grow and build the new future for SMBs together!

Initiative And Reliability

We know everyone is different and we know trust is key. Therefore we value people who take initiative. Who has a vision, isn’t afraid to share it with the team and follow through on it.

Aspirations to grow

If you have a passionate and talented team, who understands the value of working together - not even the sky can limit you. Nothing can.​

A fundamental curiosity

We see the world differently than the rest, and our curiosity and mindset is one of our greatest assets. A defining factor that keep us doing the unthinkable and creating change.

Can-do attitude

You can’t say no if you haven’t tried. We strive to do better each and every day, and that demands that we are not afraid to fail as we keep trying and testing again and again.

Quote from Kristoffer Degn
Quote by Kristoffer Degn


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We're growing

We are searching for more passionate people to join our team, and help us build Custimy!

Where to find us



Ryesgade 8
8000 Aarhus



Vestergade 18E
1456 Copenhagen



Bukowińska 22A
02-703 Warszawa

What can you do with a CDP?

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