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We have always wanted to do things differently. 

Therefore we are giving out our full product for free for 30 days. There are only a limited amount of seats so jump on and take this chance. Its free.

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1. Business insights. Make it more valuable 

Get insights into the profitability of your business, historical and seasonal development, and much more.

And more important. Understand how your business decisions are actually impacting your results.

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2. Product- and customer insights. Understand where you profit is.

Do you know which customers are bringing in profit to your business, which products they buy and where they find you?

Imagine if you could find even more of these good customers. Now you can!

3. No code means no developers - and we mean it

We know you don’t have big development teams, and why even involve them, if you can do it yourself in under 10 min without any coding?

We have made it super simple, so everyone can get started.

How to integrate an api

Activate all these insights with a few clicks

Kristoffer Degn

You know that feeling of trying to make sense of your e-commerce data. It can be quite a hassle, and often you are left wondering… Is it actually worth it?

I have been there. That is why I left the e-commerce world to create a company that helps others in my situation. Let me tell you. Data is absolutely worth it, you can strike gold! 

The biggest companies invest millions and millions into their data infrastructure to be able to drive data-based decisions. All so they can have a data warehouse – one single source of truth for their business. 

We wanted to make it possible for everyone to do that without having to spend their whole budget or resources on it.