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  • Jakob Korsgaard is new VP of Revenue
  • Brings experience from director positions at Dentsu, GroupM and AKQA.
  • Custimy raised 10mm DKK in their pre seed, now preparing for their seed round
  • Custimy ready to take their platform to international markets and bigger partners

Copenhagen September 8th 2021  

After their recent pre seed funding of 10mm DKK, Custimy is now ready to take their Customer Data Platform on the market. The mission is to enable SMB’s with access to the same advanced opportunities that have been reserved by the biggest companies till now.

To be able to take the next step Custimy is bringing in top-tier profiles to both their technical and commercial side of the business. The super ambitious Danish start-up aims to use the knowledge these new hires bring in to take the company to international markets.

The newest hire at Custimy is Jakob Korsgaard, former commercial director at Dentsu, GroupM and AKQA. He joins the team as a VP of Revenue, and will use his vast knowledge and experience to establish the rapidly growing startup both nationally and internationally.

Kristoffer Degn, CCO and co-founder of Custimy is excited to bring in such a strong profile to the team despite the age of the company and says:

“Jakob comes with a unique background from commercial top positions through the last many years, and is an incredible hire for our commercial team. Jakob is going to take the responsibility of connecting with the biggest partnerships in Denmark and internationally. His ability to develop a business, both ours and our customers, is second to none. He can help take us to the next level!” 

“The energy was just right”

Jakob brings experience from some of the worlds leading companies within media and digital agencies, with his latest position in the WPP owned AKQA, where he was responsible for creating their European marketing hub.

Jakob says he is excited to join Custimy and is looking forward to the new challenges ahead of him. He explains the different opportunities and challenges of being part of such a new company:

“Custimy, the team and the product felt like the absolutely perfect fit. That’s why there was never any doubt that I had to be part of this journey and join the team. We want to change the way people think about data-driven marketing. And they are doing it in a way that I have not seen before!”

Jakob comes with from companies with more than 100.000 employees on a global scale, and describes how this new experience at a start-up differs from previous ones.

“There is a special attitude here. They dare to dream big. Actually! You need to dare to dream!

There is no ‘we tried this before’ mentality. Instead, they have an where talking about ambitions and keep reaching further is an integral part of the company’s DNA. This attitude is so refreshing. Its a young team, a young company, but together with the senior hires already announced, and the others coming soon, I am incredibly excited for the future of Custimy and me”

Corona and data has changed the e-commerce landscape

The goal is to provide easy access for SMB’s to use advanced tools and data-insights, that until now have been reserved for larger enterprises. This gap in access has meant that SMB’s have not been able to keep up with the changing landscape.

“The smaller companies have not had access to these data-driven business decisions before. This has lead to them struggling to keep up, while bigger companies have had free hands to try out, optimize and improve their business all around. The smaller companies’ limited access to opportunities has created a landscape where they simply cannot keep up anymore in e-commerce, and this needs to be changed.”

This gap has only been accelerated during Corona, where the digital transformation kicked up another gear. There is an urgent need to reverse the competitive gap, or Danish and European companies could end up looking at just a few conglomerates controlling the majority of the market as we see in other regions.

Upcoming funding and future of Custimy

Kristoffer is excited for the announcement of Jakob, and says that it is important that the company keep thinking ambitiously about both hires and goals. This is how they get ahead of their competitors and really make an impact in e-commerce. It has only been a year, and being able to bring in Jakob shows how incredibly fast the company has established its position.

To reach the goal of offering an accessible CDP on an international scale, Custimy understands the need for the correct resources. The company started with two highschool friends at a kitchen table, and only a little more than a year later, Custimy is having 17 employees at offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Warsaw.

To obtain the resources and keep riding on their incredibly rapid growth Custimy is now working towards preparing for their next funding round. Once again, the ambitions are high. The aim is to bring in one of the biggest seed funding rounds in Danish history, just like they did with their pre seed funding.

Like that, the company can continue it’s development and change the way we think about marketing today, not only in Denmark, but the whole world.

About Custimy

Custimy is a rapidly growing start-up with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Warsaw. Since we started in 2020, we have been set on a mission to change the distortion of competition between SMB’s and multinational enterprises through our accessible Customer Data Platform.

We believe that SMBs have been forgotten in the digitalised era and Custimy was started to give SMB’s the tools to compete against much bigger enterprises with the most accessible Customer Data Platform. Our CDP minimizes the complexity, maintenance need, and friction for SMB’s to access and utilize data to extract strategic insights about their customers, marketing, and products, allowing e-commerce professionals to deliver better and more precise customer experiences in the digital sphere.

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