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Get to know your customers like never before

Enhance customer experience and service by improving the entire customer flow.

Empower yourself by knowing your customers

Custimy enables you to identify and utilize customer knowledge to improve on the overall experience.

Empower your knowledge

By combining customer, product, and marketing data in one view you can empower your knowledge of customers' experience, channels, and service.

Real Life Audiences


Ensure you are servicing and engaging your customer most efficiently and leave a strong impression.


Minimize bad customer journeys by giving the right service, feedback, products, discounts, and experience.

Single customer view

With the Single Customer view your Customer Service team can turn a bad experience into a good one. 

Use insights such as profitability to see whether you can give a discount, free freight, or a new product. Service your customers based on their importance to your business. 

The power of unified data

By centralizing and unifying all your customer and product data, you can find the hidden treasures in customer behaviours, that can enable you to become the next champion of customer service.  

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