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Ex Børsen Product Director is new VP of Product - Wants to solve first-party data

Thomas From


  • Thomas From, former Product Director at Børsen and media profile with experience from Discovery and Tv3 joins Custimy as new Vice President of Product
  • To shape the direction of future product developments at Custimy
  • Going from a company existing for more than 125 years, to one with far less than 125 weeks
  • Technological advantage and first-party data means “unfathomable potential”

Copenhagen, January 31st, 2022

Former director at Børsen leaves the famous danish media company as he joins as their new VP of Product. Thomas From takes on a new role as he looks to lead the product development at the fast-growing scaleup.

Thomas sees an  “unfathomable potential” in the Customer Data Platform that Custimy has developed and explains that it lies in the current wave of focus on first-party data. Thomas argues that Custimy has a technological advantage that the company can use to beat the competition.

After landing its pre-seed funding round in the summer of 21, one of the biggest in Danish history, the company looks toward new goals. The mission is still the same: Democratize accessibility to enterprise-level software for all e-commerce businesses. This way we can narrow the existing gap between enterprises and SMB’s in e-commerce. This way the smaller businesses are able to compete on level terms in regards to technology and resources.

Custimy takes another towards achieving that by adding Thomas From to the team and rethinking the way they look at their product. By adding the former Børsen, Discovery, and Tv3 profiles, they are looking for an approach that puts the needs of the customer as the key to their development. Thomas is the latest addition to a team that has grown from 10 to 30 employees over the last 12 months.

Co-founder and CEO at Custimy, Martin Navne, is especially excited about bringing in Thomas and says:

“Thomas brings unique insights from both sides of the table. He has been been involved in buying, building, and implementing CDPs and other solutions. He understands the problems from both the technical and business point of view.

I am sure this will be an instrumental part of developing a platform that truly drives results. We have to put the customer at the center of the product development.”

From more than 125 years to just more than 1

Thomas describes the challenges in the new position as incredibly exciting. He believes no one has succeeded in breaking through the issues with first-party data yet. He sees Custimy as a place to do exactly that.

Changing from such an established company as Børsen to a rapidly growing scaleup like Custimy can be a massive cultural change, but it is something Thomas welcomes with open arms. He actually looks forward to starting at a company “born during Corona” without any legacies of previous pasts. He expresses his excitement about working in a company built around the necessity for flexibility and shorter cycles between decisions and execution.

“I am coming from a company that has existed for more than 125 years. Now I am joining that has barely existed for 125 weeks. It is going to be exciting not having to hang on to previous legacies. At Custimy I can be part of shaping the culture and figure out what works, and what does not work for us.”

Wizkid Silicon Valley stories

Especially joining a younger startup is something Thomas looks at with high expectations. He looks forward to becoming a part of the Custimy journey. A journey he describes as something he otherwise would be reading out of international tech media.

“There is a hint of Silicon Valley Wizkids story about Custimy. It’s founded by two young men, with some crazy stories. They have taken on the world, no higher education needed. I feel privileged to be a part of this journey that they are on.”

Thomas sees enormous potential in the company. He explains that the SaaS model unlike traditional media can be scaled with no limitations. “Numbers know no limits,” he says as he explains how traditional media companies are limited by language and marked size.

In a SaaS like Custimy, the whole world is your market if you play your cards right. And with the current trends in data privacy being a data company born in Europe only strengthens the position. The first-party data and privacy regulations are something that will influence e-commerce for years to come, Thomas says.

"Thousand ways to go - just have to find the right one for us"

The challenge with first-party data is one Thomas has his eyes set on. He explains that the current regulations and the recent changes to them including GDPR, CCPA, Cookies, and iOS14.5 mean that the whole world is looking to what companies like Facebook and Google are doing.

It’s a major challenge, especially for smaller companies as they do not have the resources to adopt the same approach to dealing with data regulations as bigger ones do. Thomas argues that it is all-important that they see and understand the value of taking ownership of their own data in order to solve the issues.

The goal is to make it accessible to collect and use data without having big teams of data scientists and engineers. This way companies can focus on what they do best; run their business. That is how you future-proof your business today.

At Custimy, Thomas will look to define the direction of the products to be developed and he says:

“There are a thousand ways to go. We have to find the best one for us. The company is still so new that we are basically working with a clean slate of ideas.

It is all about figuring out the needs in the market. My role is to find the things that will create the most value for e-commerce businesses.”

In the consideration of a new direction for the company, Thomas opens up opportunities for expanding the current target group in e-commerce. He looks towards industries such as the media industry as an area in which Custimy could solve some of the challenges that industry faces as a possibility in the future. But for now, he leaves it open and is excited to join the journey.

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