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data driven

Data driven: What does it mean and why it matters

Oh, you wanna learn from the best e-commerce stores and take smarter decisions? Sounds like a very good idea to me. Why don’t we talk about the different steps you need to take to become data driven and beat the e-commerce competition when the next high season kicks off!

ecommerce marketing

E-commerce marketing: Guide to mastering it in 2022

Every single e-commerce store wants to increase traffic, convert customers, and be profitable. But, one thing is what you want to achieve, and another one is being successful at it. Focus on these 6 pillers to master e-commerce marketing in 2022

acquisition marketing

Data collection methods: Collecting relevant data

There are quite a lot of factors that differentiate a good e-commerce store from one that is about to head downwards. But, one thing always stays true.

The good ones are the ones who are intent on understanding their customers, their needs, behaviors, and how they buy.

customer profile

How CDP helps you uncover your ideal customer profiles

A customer profile is a representation of the characteristics and needs of your customers. It can include anything from demographic data, psychographic data, and behavioral data about the customers. Your CDP will help you identify these audiences based on their motivations and needs.

social media analytics

Get the most out of your social media analytics by using a CDP

Every e-commerce manager wants to know how effective their advertising is. But having a holistic overview of the business and an ability to understand the full customer journey has proven to be a challenge for years. But there might be an answer to the issue.

Facebook custom audience

Facebook custom audiences enriched with a CDP

Facebook Custom Audiences is an advanced advertising feature for marketers. It is giving them access to an incredible amount of highly specific data about users.

To create custom audiences, you’ll need to use a Customer Data Platform. Connect your Facebook account with the CDP and run an audience enrichment.

Customer retention

Customer retention: What it is and why you need to focus on it

Customer retention is key for any e-commerce business looking to be profitable. In fact, retention is 6-7 times cheaper than acquisition.

To do it right, you need to understand you customers, and a CDP can give you those insights needed to take it to the next level


CDP: All you need to know about customer data platforms

If you have been working in e-commerce and have not heard about Customer Data Platforms yet, then boy am I having a treat for you in this blog.
Customer Data platforms have been the new buzzword within e-commerce and marketing for a few years. But it is still a new thing for many.

first party data vs third party data

First party data vs third party data

First-party data is key to an effective marketing strategy. It is also great to create strikingly precise and powerful lookalike audiences.
First-party data holds numerous advantages over third-party data, but only if you can leverage it properly. Learn how to here

what is an api

What is an API and why do we use them

APIs are the backbone behind connecting different applications or services together. Your website can use Facebook to share information. Or even Google to get a better understanding of who the customers are.

Own your data

Why 1st Party Data Is A Must For Any Marketing Strategy

Data marketing has become the new norm and 1st party data is a must for any marketing strategy. Most e-commerce companies advertise with data from a very few platforms. The most common are Google and Facebook. This might sound well enough, but it can quickly go very wrong.

Facebook lookalike

The Power of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

There is no doubt that Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a powerful tool. But with more changes to data collecting, how do companies best utilize this mighty tool? A CDP could be exactly what you are looking for.

Bloggers advertising referrals

How To Nail Your Omnichannel Marketing

The Customer journey doesn’t end with one channel and one device anymore. Customers can approach you in-store, from their mobile phones or laptop. And this poses a new challenge for brands working with omnichannel marketing.

Hands working on digital device

How do you future-proof your data management?

2021 has been all about data privacy for individual consumers. But it has come at a price, a big one for some. E-commerce businesses have been struggling to deal with the aftermaths of iOS14.5 and GDPR changes.

What can you do with a CDP?

Learn how Moodings used Custimy on Black Friday Week to achieve better results and 'give them the belief of data back again'

iOS 15 is here - get ready now!

iOS 15 affects everything we do as marketers, so it is crucial that we get the hang off it now!

Downloade our guide and prepare your marketing, data and business for 2022! 

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