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Uncover all areas of your business to improve revenue streams

Use your finances in the best way! Build strategies based on strategic insights and not hunches.

Grow your business

Finance. Meet data

Do you often find it hard to uncover causality between products, customers, prices, and discounts, and how it all affects profits? Then you are not alone. A continuous issue is connecting the dots between marketing costs, product costs, and customer costs.

customer data platform for finance

Discover revenue insights

Let Custimy give you strategic insights into your revenue and ROI on products, marketing, and customers.

improve revenue streams

Empower your teams

Utilize the true value of knowledge: One platform for all your teams. Centralize, own, and share your expertises.

financial kpis

Execute and monitor

Test, learn adapt! Monitor performance KPI’s and progression on ROI, ROAS, ROMI, CAC, CCC, and profits.

Dashboard for business

Insights to empower your decision making

Don’t settle for complexity, data consolidation, analysing. Never. Custimy makes it easier than ever before to see a full view of your historic, current, and forecasted performance.


Accelerate revenue in 3 steps:

Evaluate, learn, adapt!

Dashboard for business

Channel Agnostic

Look into the hidden treasures in combining and centralizing your data in one tool. Find the golden nuggets (revenue streams) between product, marketing, and customer data.

Single customer view


Use the MVC customers to identify product categories recommended and match with best performing channels (coverage of customers and ROI).

Single Segment View

Adapt and execute!

Monitor performance, ROI, cash-flow cycles and CLV.

What can you do with a CDP?

Learn how Moodings used Custimy on Black Friday Week to achieve better results and 'give them the belief of data back again'

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