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Do you know who your most valuable customers are?

Custimy does. Cut costs on customer acqusition and focus on the most valuable customers. Pay-offs are big when you understand who your most valuable customers are.

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Single segment view

Purchase frequency

How frequently does your repeat customers order from you? With Custimy, you’d know. Identifying customers who purchase most frequently is one step towards identifying most valuable customers.

Average order value

How much does a customer spend on average, and how does that stack up compared to other customers? Customers who spend the most should be identified as high-rollers.

Segment view
Single customer view

Customer lifetime value

MVC used to be a marathon, with Custimy it’s a sprint. Faster than ever you’re able to track how much a customer has spend over the course of his or her relations with you.

Track and expand your most valuable customer base with segments

You think your most valuable customer are the only ones? Think again. Let Custimy help you with finding patterns in your data and discover all your most valuable customers.

Real Life Audiences

What can you do with a CDP?

Learn how Moodings used Custimy on Black Friday Week to achieve better results and 'give them the belief of data back again'

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